Dating services opposing views

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Dating services opposing views

Some people are simply more interested in politics than others.If you are closely and passionately tied to your identity as a Republican or Democrat, then it's important to be honest with your partner as soon as possible about what you want.As more people broadcast their political views, it's a lot easier to identify like-minded friends.Romantically, research shows people tend to choose partners with shared political views, and rate profiles that boast political similarities as more attractive.So what do you do when you find out that great guy is a Democrat? There are challenges ahead, but it's possible to leave the battleground mentality in Florida and Ohio.Here are three tips for dating someone with a different political view than you: Relationships aren't easy; every pairing argues and disagrees from time to time. More frightening, however, is the couple who seems to agree on just about everything.While it may be tempting to half-listen (nodding your head while silently tallying up the holes in his or her argument), Rodman says that immediate rejection of your partner's views could translate into a perceived rejection of him or her as a person.If you want to challenge a viewpoint, ask your partner for factual examples or past experiences to support an argument.

Being upfront about deal-breaker issues is the best way to avoid hurt feelings. If you're more fluent in your political beliefs, then maybe someone who's different from you will create the dynamic relationship you're looking for.No matter how much you love someone, things get boring if you don't delve into something philosophical every now and then.Challenging your partner's political views, even in a topical, “So what do you think of Trump? Psychologist and author Samantha Rodman offered her professional insight on debating with a romantic partner.If so, then calling it quits may save both of you a lot of heartache.You are allowed to be picky with what you want in a significant other.

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